Hi. My name is James Harkin.


I’ve been involved in Internet marketing since 1996 and I have created various products over the years. From ebooks to software and membership websites. One thing I’ve learned over the years is testing. Keep testing. A.B.T., Always, Be, Testing! Find out what sells on a small scale and then upscale.

There is a lot of information relating to Sales & Marketing Funnels over the Internet. However, most of it is full of technical jargon that the layperson has no idea about without having a technical jargon dictionary and thesaurus handy.

I have found most of the information relating to sales and marketing funnels lacks detailed information for specific businesses. Most business owners unless they are already experts in Internet marketing get overloaded by the information and most of it may be irrelevant to their specific business.

I want to share with you different sales and marketing funnel methods. Starting simple and getting more advanced as you learn

Through Click Siphon we will share the basics of sales and marketing funnels through regular posts. Specific for your business, whether it is a brick & mortar retail business, service business, e-commerce business or information business. More advanced techniques will be shared through documents that you can download and print.


I’ve known about Russell Brunson since his first product ZipBrander was sold through The Warrior Forum way back in 2004. Russell has been extremely dedicated to trying different marketing methods for many products and services he’s developed over the years. By far his most successful product and service is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels was set up in 2014 and has gone from humble beginnings to over $100 million in sales per year.

The reason for creating Click Siphon was to show off the power of Click Funnels and how it can transform your business. ClickFunnels has over 75,000 customers. With over 380 Two Comma customers, that means that 340 people have generated over $1 million from a sales funnel. Over 28 have a 2 comma X who have made over $10 million from a sales funnel. I chose to promote ClickFunnels because of Russell Brunson’s dedication to helping people succeed with their business.

Russell teaches the marketing methods that he’s learned over the years including the tips and tricks to save time and money in a way that everyone can understand. His passion for his work is addictive. He’s written several books and all of them teach the basics of his entire career up to the date of publication. The books are invaluable to any person wishing to start and grow their business to new heights of success. I’ll let you into a secret, his books are the basis for his more expensive training. So, getting a copy of DotCom Secrets (2015), Expert Secrets (2017), The Funnel Hackers Cookbook (2017), and Traffic Secrets (2019) will give you the basics to building successful sales funnels regardless of what business you are thinking to grow.

Whether you are a Freelancer or agency, sell information products, sell products through an e-commerce store, offer coaching or consultancy, offer products through network marketing and MLM, run a small local business, sell business-to-business, run a blog or promote affiliate products, are a non-profit charity or just starting out, ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson’s training can take you to new levels of success.