Get Your Followers To Retweet Your Updates On Twitter

Twitter boasts a population of more than five million users. This translates to a possibility of more than 200,000 tweets being tweeted each hour. Because of all these tweets vying with each other to be seen, it is not always easy to get your tweets in front of people. There is, however, something that can be done to improve your chances of gaining attention. Retweets are the way to expand your tweet’s exposure. The retweet process is not complicated. It involves having someone retweeting your earlier message while referencing you as the original source. It is kind of like an online echo.

While this may initially sound like a pointless idea, it can actually be highly effective. With the right efforts and know-how, you can boost your tweeting audience from a few dozen to thousands of followers.

As a first step in preparing for retweets, build yourself a strong community of members. Follow tweeters who are interested in the same topics as you. This will increase the chances of getting your post retweeted by your community members. For instance, if you have a passion for horses, basketball fans would not be interested in the your horsey tweets and are not likely to retweet them, much less read them. Tweeting irrelevant content to your follower base is a waste of your 140-word allotment. Retweeting the best tweets of other users is another good way to get your own tweets retweeted. Some Twitter followers will retweet your message out of a sense of obligation. However, ensure you do not get labeled as a serial retweeter.

Follow these simple rules when writing a tweet. The first is that you should mimic newspaper headlines by only including the most important keywords that can also be easily searched. Your tweet should be brief, but should be able to convey your message effectively to anyone reading it. You can get a lot of great ideas by searching for the most popular trending topics of the day.

Although Twitter allows 140 characters, keep your posts down to 120 characters to increase the chances of them being retweeted. The reason for this is that the retweeter often prefers to include your Twitter ID and the retweet code. Make sure that your tweet contains no misspellings or abbreviations. To shorten your links as much as possible, go through a link shortening website such as

Think about when you should post your tweet. Tweeting in the early morning hours will do nothing for you if most of your followers don’t get up until noon. Twitter users often have many, many followers, which means your tweet will no longer be on top when they log in. It is fine to tweet a great message again at another time, but doing this repeatedly will cause you to be labeled a spammer. Spammers are rapidly blocked or unfollowed.

Current news is always a great topic. By adding something interesting or posting a new link about a current event, you are tapping into an already intriguing topic.

Famous people are always getting retweeted on Twitter. They can write about their daily chores or anything unimportant and still have people retweeting their posts. Most likely, you aren’t famous. Your tweets need to be a lot more interesting to be retweeted. You need to craft tweets that are interesting, informative, or enlightening. This will give your tweets an edge over others. If nothing else works, you can always resort to tweeting links to free products. The word “free” is enough to ignite a bunch of retweets, since everyone can use free items. You will also enjoy success with tweets on news stories and other relevant topics that are the current flavor of the month.

When all is said and done, tweets are arguably one of the most effective tools in the social media network. You can gain a lot by having your tweets successfully retweeted. A single tweet can reach the homes of thousands of people. Use your tweet wisely. A little hard work, a little creativity, and you could reach the world with a single tweet.